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  • Starlight Express

    An anonymous game by Jugolas


    Start: May 1st, 2020

    election of the leader: May 2nd, 2020, 08:00 PM

    lynch: 08:00 PM

    active phase: 08:30 PM

    reactive phase: 08:45 PM

    end of the night: 09:00 PM


    game type: anonymous game (special game)

    objects: There won't be any objects.

    lynchtype: democracy (leader has 2 votes)

    end of game: showdown

    outing: forbidden

    Nobody is forced to vote.

    There will be no forced execution, neither will the wolves be forced to kill. (pacifism can be voted)

    1 post/day is mandatory! - One day off will be granted for each player.

    special rules:

    • this game will entirely be held in english (except for the role names) - messages during the game, even conversations with me. Please, only apply if you have those language skills
    • Deadlines on wednesday will be 1 hour earlier

    Number of participants: 7/15

    • Ashley - Werwolf - überlebt
    • Buffy - Meuchelmörder überrannt
    • Caboose - Werwolf - überlebt
    • Coco - leader 2 - überrannt
    • Dinah - Strolch - gemeuchelt N3
    • Electra - Dorfbewohner - NK3
    • Flat Top - Nachtwächter - Lynch 3
    • Greaseball - Dorfbewohner - NK1
    • Joule - Nachtwächter - überrannt
    • Pearl - leader - Schlaflose - NK4
    • Ruhrgold - Werwolf - Lynch 1
    • Rusty - Waisenmädchen - Lynch 2
    • Turnov - Dorfbewohner - Lynch 4
    • Volta - Kräuterhexe - Waldlauf N3
    • Wrench - Werwolf - überlebt

    I never dreamed of success. I worked for it.

    Charlotte Flair

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  • Ouverture

    This is control. This is control. Tonight is the most important night in the history of the
    world. Take you seats for the World Championship Railroad Race. Trains to your track.
    Ten, nine, eight, six, five, four, three, two, one. Trains gone! Four trains going
    for two final places. Greaseball and Espresso are the early leaders with Nintendo
    pressing in third. This is turning into a real grudge match. And here's a surprise: look at
    that Rusty go.

    Put those trains away.

    Oh Mom - just five more minutes.

    Put those trains away and get into bed.

    But ...

    No but.

    Starlight Express, Starlight Express
    Are you real - yes or no?
    Starlight Express, Starlight Express ...

    Elect a leader until tomorrow!

    Deadline auf 02.05.20 20:00 gesetzt

    I never dreamed of success. I worked for it.

    Charlotte Flair

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  • Jugolas

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  • Hello dear people,:D

    I'm looking forward to this admittedly special game and hope it will be very fun. As you will probably already notice from this super English, my whole game will be based on the translations of the Google translator.:ugly: I think it's going to be pretty funny. XD

    So now to my dear wolves! Come out and show yourself or die a cruel death. :love:

    With dear lovable wishes! <3

    That would be very accommodating and extremely correct.:imp:

    In great love :D


  • Hey everyone,

    let's have some fun :P

    I'm super excited for this Game, but still undecided whether I should check each of my posts a hundred times for grammar mistakes or not. But I guess I won't, so please forgive me my tippos and mistakes in general:)

    I am not really into getting the leadership, but I don't really think, that I would be voted anyways ^^

  • Hi,

    I'm really looking forward for this really special game. Special games are a challange for me, because in the beginning I have no idea, who is who, so I can't use my experiences and talking in English is challenging too. But I really love challenges.

    Dratini You really have to be carefull with Google Translator. I remember translating a letter from our familie's czech girlfriend. She wrote: "I like the way you are talking in Czech." But Google Translator made "I like your mistakes, you often did" out of it.

    Or the description of our christmas tree in French. Just a few examples:

    "We have red balls on our christmas trees and no green balls" (real) "Red balls are nice too. Unfortunately! I cannot see the green ones so well"

    or - (I don't know the exact sentence, but my mother's christmas gift was a vacuum cleaner) "Jesus is like a tree. My mother was a vacuum cleaner at christmas eve.

    or when we talked about our hopes for 2012. "I'm sitting here and I do not care. 2012 was not my fault."

    I'm a little bit unsure in using grammar and I'm not too keen on checking to much for spelling and grammar. I'm sorry for mistakes. I would candidate for the leadership, if you want to elect me.

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